General Surgery / Obesity surgery

How To Apply?

Your age, whether you have allergic reactions to medicines, how long ago you had the last surgical intervention

After that, we will ask you some additional questions that you will need to answer. 

After that, you will receive an offer from us, which will indicate in detail the entire course of treatment for you, the total number of days of treatment, the cost.

You need to inform us 2-3 days in advance about your visit to Istanbul. This is the time to prepare for our meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have no age restrictions. Health is a constant that needs to be monitored. Therefore, we accept patients from 0 to unlimited age

We provide a full range of services: all transfers, hotel or apartment reservations, all expenses for the operation, we provide your support and an interpreter and we will be in touch 24/7

No referrals are required, you can just come to us with your complaints and we will fix everything! It is only important for us to know the results of examinations, tests and medical history that you already have it.

Submit an inquiry

Write to us about your problem. If you need medical help, please contact us with us

Memorial / Medicalpark Istinye University
Full Time
All ages