Medical Facilities

Memorial Hospitals

Memorial Hospitals have a mission of becoming a world-class brand in healthcare, which follows up the scientific and technological advancements with its distinguished staff without compromising from ethical principles, by making a difference with pioneering practices in the sector with its patient, patient relative and employee satisfaction-oriented service approach complying with the international quality standards.

Memorial is the home of trust in healthcare with its specialist physicians, healthcare staff who combine their knowledge and experience with tender care to the patients, its patient- oriented service approach, quality policy, its diagnosis and treatment facilities equipped with advanced medical technology, its modern spaces and comfortable patient rooms.

NP Brain clinic

The first private clinic in the field of neuropsychiatry in Turkey, which has a special, comprehensive approach in psychiatry, psychology, neurology and narcology. 

The team of doctors of the clinic works to protect the mental health of society and improve the quality of life of each person. Over the past 20 years, implementing the latest methods and approaches, NP Brain Clinic remains a leader in the field of science and healthcare, providing quality services to patients.

The NP Brain clinic, equipped with the latest technology, brings together 20 years of experience in the field of medicine and highly professional staff and you can be offered high-quality medical care.

Medistate Hospital Istanbul

Medistate Hospital Istanbul – this is a holistic understanding of quality and service without compromising ethical principles. Since Medistate contributes to the development of medicine by providing modern preventive and curative medical services to specialists in their field, leading doctors and healthcare professionals, we consider this clinic a priority for ourselves.Special attention is paid to the synergy within the entire medical staff, which, of course, contributes to the high quality of services provided.Clinic management, He pays special attention to recruiting staff and creating the warmest and most comfortable microclimate for his employees!The rooms offer views of nature and the Bosphorus.


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