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We will help you get the most popular types of medical services from the best doctors in Turkey

Issues related to plastic and reconstructive medicine are among the most frequent

General surgical operations (All our operations are performed laparoscopically (Closed ).

An extensive branch of medicine dealing with the study of the human cardiovascular system

Department that studies the functioning, development, genetics, physiology and pathology of the nervous system.

The branch of medicine that studies diseases of the kidneys, urinary tract and male reproductive organs.

This is the transplantation of an organ received from a donor during life or after death, to another person or recipient.

A branch of medicine dealing with diseases of the oral cavity, teeth, jaws and adjacent areas.

Section of practical medicine, the purpose of which is to study the problems of the musculoskeletal system.

Stem cell therapy is the use of stem cells to treat or prevent diseases or conditions.

This is a department dealing with diseases of the child’s body and maintaining children’s health.

Department that studies benign and malignant tumors, methods of their prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

The department that studies women’s diseases, primarily diseases of the female reproductive system.

Department that studies the structure and function of glands and hormones and diseases caused by disorders

Department studying the eye, its anatomy, physiology and diseases, as well as developing methods of treatment

Branch of medicine dealing with diseases of the ear, throat, nose and their treatment.

The department that studies the structure and functioning of the skin and its appendages – hair, nails, and so on

Methods aimed at ridding a person of physical and psychological cravings for drugs and alcohol

These are supportive procedures for restoring the body after illnesses and injuries.


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