Tastes from Mesopotamia, Anatolia to Ottoman: Gourmet Tours

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates

Anatolian soil has always been productive, fertile and suprising when it comes to food. The North and the Black Sea has a different climate, the South and the Mediterranean Sea has a completely different climate. A fish you eat at the Bosphorus has a different taste; a kebab you eat at Sultanahmet has a completely different taste. Everything is delicious, every smell is intoxicating, every taste is different and for us, eating fine food on this land is very serious.

There are gourmet tours in and out of Istanbul and MedAssist will surely take you only to the very best. You can have sushi at a luxurious rooftop or a lahmacun at a busy street. Shish kebab will be festive for your tummy and a slice of baklava will be the cherry on top. There are famous Turkish tastes that cannot be missed and we will make sure that your food will be a part of your healing process. Famous gourmet brands such as Nusret, Günaydın, Beyti, Sur Fish, Zuma or Huqqa are some of the examples that you might want to try. Your trip to Istanbul will be a gastro-journey once you tell our professionals where and what you want to eat!


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