Patient Rights



In relation to the Data Protection Law 6698 (“Law”) that came into force in Turkey on 7 April 2016, Medassist Turizm ve Seyahat A.Ş. (“MedAssist”) may process your personal data, as Data Controller, in accordance with the framework described below.

1. Acquiring and Processing Personal Data
Your personal data may be obtained through automatic or non-automatic methods in oral, written, visual or electronic media, through the call center, website and similar channels for the purpose of conducting health tourism services. The personal data may be may vary depending on the service, product or business activity provided by MedAssist. Your health data, sensitive and non-sensitive personal data may be processed by MedAssist in connection with the purposes set out in this article (including but not limited to):
• Credentials: Name, surname, passport number, identification number or other information which may be needed for visa procedures.
• Contact information: Address, phone number, email address, any other contact details.
• Account details: Bank account, IBAN number, credit card details and other financial details like your invoicing details for payments.
• Data which obtained for the purpose of health tourism service.
• Your health condition, lab results, test results, reason of travel, previous examination results, hospital/clinic information and other health related personal data you have provided to MedAssist to transfer them to the hospitals/clinics.
• If you use our website or get assistance through our call center, your personal data will be collected, used, processed and stored in order to give the best relevant services.
Your personal data can be used and/or processed for:
• Confirming your personal identification,
• Providing healthcare tourism services,
• Planning your travel, making reservations and/or rental services,
• Visa procurement and healthcare insurance necessities under your travel,
• To enable us to meet all legal and statutory obligations;
• To invoice all related parties for MedAssist services
• To administer membership records and provide a membership directory;
• To manage our records, archive, manage customer satisfaction and auditing;
• To operate web site and deliver the services that individuals have requested, to inform you of news, events, activities, changes in role holders and services running at MedAssist;
• To send you communications which you have requested and that may be of interest to you. These may include information about campaigns, appeals, and other related activities;
• To share your contact details with hospitals and other related 3rd Parties so they can keep you informed about news, events, activities and services which you may be interested;
Your personal data may be collected and/or archived both digitally and physically according to relevant laws under Turkish Law.

2. Transfer of Personal Data
Your personal data may be shared with relevant parties such as (but not limited to) Tursab, Hospitals, Clinics, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Social Services, Insurance Companies, Airlines, Hotels, accounting/tax/financial consultants, tourism agencies and other cooperating companies and other related parties according to relevant Data Protection Laws. Your personal data may be shared with international authorities in case required by law or necessary for the services provided.

3. Method of Personal Data Collection and its Legal Reason
All personal data provided orally, written, visually and/or through digital chanelles is collected and processed by MedAssist for the above mentioned reasons including all fields of activity of MedAssist. The legal grounds for the collection and process of your personal data is:
• Data Protection Law number 6698
• Health Services Common Law number 3359
• Personal Data Processing and Protection Regulation,
• Ministry of Health arrangements/regulations
• Tourism Agencies and Tourism Agencies Association Law
• Tourism Agencies Regulation and related legal provisions
In addition, as stated by article 6 clause 3 of related Law, all data can be processed by related authorities regardless of open consent in case of; protection of common people’s health, medical diagnosis, preventive medicine, treatment and caring services, financial planning and management of health services.

4. Your Rights Regarding The Protection of Personal Data
According to related law and regulations; you have a right to;
• Learn if your personal data is processed,
• Demand information if your data is processed,
• Request access and use to your personal data,
• Learn the reason for personal data processing,
• Request correction in case of a mistaken personal data processing,
• Request removal of mistaken personal data processing,
• Object results to automated analysis of personal data processing.
You will be notified clearly via email or in other written forms in case you use your right regarding the protection of personal data.

5. Data Security
MedAssist will provide necessary precautions for the protection of your sensitive and non-sensitive personal data. The company will make sure your data is kept safely, not processed and attained unlawfully. MedAssist will use all technologic facilities for providing data security.

6. Complaints and Contact
Your personal data is protected under rigorous conditions. Necessary security precautions both technical and managerial are provided considering potential risks. You can send your requests that are provided by law by;
Filling “Data Protection Law Application Form” and send it through:
• Notary Channels or
• MedAssist’s registered e-mail address: