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How to wash your head after Hair Transplant?

The first wash should be done in the hospital/clinic. The purpose of washing is to reduce the risk of infection and relieve the head. The washing should be regularly done for the next 10 days.

The instruction for 10 days after the operation as follows:

First Wash:
On the next days after the operation, washing process will be held by the nurses.

Second Wash:
The moisturizer/lotion that is recommended by your doctor for you should be applied to the area. After applying it with sensitive care, you should wait for 15 minutes without touching. Clean it with warm water, very slowly. Pour the shampoo to your hand and put the foam you prepared on your head gently. Do not use your nails. Do not rub and scrub. Wash the donor area and apply massage with shampoo. Then clean the shampoo with warm water.

3rd to 8th Wash:
Once every day, repeat the second day wash.

9th to 10th Wash:
Apply the moisturizer before washing for 1 hour. After, wash it with shampoo and apply small touches and massage the planted area. Then clean it with water.