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What is the best Obesity Surgery to lose weight?

Obesity is a global health problem and more people are affected by obesity every day. There are multiple number of solutions to obesity but one’s best solution may not be suitable for another. The metabolic components such as diabetes, hypertension, heart problems, productive problems for young females or knee problems for elders may be defining factors for surgeries.

The first parameter to see if a patient is suitable for obesity surgery is their BMI (body mass index). If your BMI is under 25, you are in “normal weight” limits are not suitable for any kind of obesity surgery. If your BMI is between 26-30, you are “overweight” but advised to lose weight by dietary restrictions and increasing exercise and body movement. BMI 31-35 with metabolic problems mentioned above needs to be considered carefully by a bariatric surgeon IF the patient is found suitable for a surgery. Stomach botox or stomach balloon are most common type of surgeries for this category.

Type 2 Obesity is a category with BMI 36-40 where there is almost no contradiction about the need of a surgery. Again stomach botox or stomach balloon may be suitable depending on many different factors such as gender, age, metabolism, etc… Botox or balloon are usually effective for 6 months and may need a second injection or a removal, so these are temporary solutions with an expiry date.

Patients with BMI 41-50 definitely need operation but stomach botox and/or balloon will not be enough to lose weight. Sleeve gastrectomy, gastric by-pass or transit bi-partition operations are some of the surgical solutions for these patients. These are serious surgical procedures which will require a life style change afterwards. Some of these procedures mean the changing of digestive system and how each organ works.

There is NOT a simple best obesity surgery to lose weight. Each person is different and should definitely consult with a professional before making a decision.