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How long is recovery after from Eye Surgery?

There are different types of eye surgery. The procedures differ as well as the recovery times. There are very simple procedures such as laser eye surgery or cataract where the patient is “outpatient” which means they walk in and out of the hospital within the same day. Laser or cataract procedures take about 15 minutes and they are treated in half a day. When that is the case, there are a couple of eye drops to use for the following days and weeks but the recovery is much shorter than other eye surgeries.

Glaucoma, commonly known as eye pressure is also very common and easily treated but has a longer recovery period. After a certain age, one starts to use reading glasses and usually has trouble seeing far distances. When astigmatism comes on top of myopia and hyper myopia, the use of eye-glasses really affects the life quality. Tri-focal lens insertions frees patients from all glasses and has a very short recovery period. The regular uses of eye drops are crucial for the healing process but thinking about getting rid of all glasses, what are a few drops every now and then?

There are so many types of other eye surgeries from vitrectomy to bionic eye, from the fixing of eye muscles to correct cross-eyes to heal lazy eyes; it is hard and not advisable to generalize recovery periods. The technology has improved so much in the last years and effected eye treatments so immensely that it takes usually couple of hours in the hospital to complete most eye treatments and cure vision-related problems. The most important aspect is being punctual at eye drops and watch out for dust-like small particles.