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Istanbul Health Tourism Company

Turkey has become a medical tourism hub with its excellence in health services. There are internationally recognized and JCI accredited hospitals, excellent clinics and health-care facilities in Istanbul.

When one decides to travel abroad or to another country for getting a treatment, that person becomes a medical tourist. There are many reasons to become a medical tourist but the most common ones are:

• If your country of residence does not have the specific treatment you need
• If the treatment you need or want is too expensive or not affordable at your country of residence
• If desired service level at medical treatment facilities are better at alternatives

Depending on a specific treatment or a list of different treatments, there are many details and a lot of planning to do before getting on a plane to Istanbul. From finding the best treatment with a right diagnosis to finding the best doctor for that treatment, from booking the operation to finding a hotel and arranging transportation within the city, there are many but small details. Health Tourism Companies in Istanbul does your planning and take care of all details.

As the best Health Tourism Company with the widest network and the highest service level, MedAssist provides you with a treatment plan, take you from the airport the moment you set foot on Istanbul and take care of the rest. MedAssist works with all the best clinics and hospitals and our medical consultant team operates 7/24. Also, since MedAssist is a certified tourism agency from the government, we offer the best hotel deals and arrange your transportation as part of our health and medical tourism services.