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Rhinoplasty Cost in Istanbul

Rhinoplasties are complex procedures affecting the way you breathe, the way you sleep and the way you smell the world. And our nose is a very tricky organ with bones, tissues, cartilages and other delicate layers. A rhinoplasty is a combination of health and aesthetics and every rhinoplasty case is unique. When you decide to have rhinoplasty and start to look for the a rhinoplasty surgeon, you need to make sure your surgeon will not just focus on the way your nose will look or just on how you will breathe.

Sometimes, you see a patient who is having a second or third operation from their noses because they could not get a full satisfaction from their initial operation. Since every nose and every procedure is different, the rhinoplasty costs are changing in a certain range.

A simple septum deviation is different from a concha hypertrophy. Or if there is plastic surgery involved and a patient has a nose reduction rhinoplasty, the cost changes. It is important to find the best surgical plan for your own case and determine a price. After a rhinoplasty surgery or a “nose job”, a new nose will bring a new face and a fresh breath. A natural nose complementing your image will boost your self-esteem and improve your quality of life which is priceless.

After coming out with the most suitable treatment plan and the best doctor, your medical travel details are planned. A typical nose rhinoplasty takes about a half day including preparations, patients spend a day at the hospital and is discharged the next day. A 5-day trip to Istanbul is more than enough to have a procedure and have your doctor do the follow-up. With its 360-degrees service lines, MedAssist provides you with the treatment plan and offer the best hotel deals, arrange your accommodation and transportation as part of our health and medical tourism services.