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Organic Hair Transplant in Istanbul

Technology brings developments in medicine as well. Especially in the last 1-2 years, stem cell treatments became a solution for most rejuvenation treatments. Patient’s own stem cells are used to treat all kinds of body areas from head to toe. Including hair transplant.

Organic hair transplant is done by enriching hair transplant patients’ stem cells into their own fat tissue which is then injected onto the transplantation area. A special personalized liquid is prepared by including patient’s stem cells from their fat issue and applied to transplantation site in to make the procedure more successful. This way less chemicals are used to create swelling and the healing process is more fast and natural.

Istanbul became a hub for medical treatments and each year more medical tourists are coming in from all around the world. Hair Transplant is one of the most desired treatments by incoming patients and Organic Hair Transplant is exceptionally done in Istanbul.

MedAssist provides wide range of hair transplantation solutions including Organic Hair Transplant. We listen to you, understand your needs and direct you to the best hair transplantation hospital or clinic or doctor of your needs. In Istanbul there are very special doctors who are very high skilled and internationally recognized. You need the best advisor to get to the best treatment and as MedAssist, we provide you that.