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Which hospitals have robotic surgery technology in Istanbul?

Robotic surgery allows surgeons to perform different types of complicated procedures with more precisely, sensitively, flexibility and controllable than with conventional techniques. With robotic surgery system, doctors can perform delicate and complicated operations that may have been really hard or even impossible with any other methods.

One of the most important benefit of a robotic surgery is that it makes minimally invasive surgery possible. In this way the patient will face fewer complications, infections, less pain and blood loss, quicker recovery and smaller scars.

In order to find the best and most suitable hospital or clinic for your needs at robotic surgery, you may want to consult with right medical consultants. This is where MedAssist comes into picture. MedAssist has special agreements with internationally recognized hospitals and most technologically advanced treatment facilities in Istanbul. Our medical consultants offer not only their professional opinion but also are present during your diagnosis and recovery periods.

You may and will have questions during the after-surgery procedure and MedAssist will be with you 24/7.