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FunDay with Your Family: Children Tours

Family and children has always been a very important part of Turkish culture. “Family First” is a common saying that is repeated on many occasions. There are events all around the city throughout the city which you can attend with your family.

MOIPark (Mall of Istanbul Park) is Turkey’s first and Europe’s largest indoor park. Giant swings, high-speed shuttles, adrenaline-filled games, fun tunnels, and Turkey’s first and only horror-conscious hotel are some of the fun places you can esplore. There are stores, gift-giving units, restaurants where you can spend fun-filled moments. As Europe’s largest indoor entertainment colony, MOIPark consists of two floors on a 12.000 m² area. There are many games full of fun, unites and swings on the below stairs for the kids older than 10 years and on the upstairs for the kids between the 4-10 years old. Live stage shows and entertainments, MOIPark invites you to a colorful world where you will have great fun.

İsfanbul is the first theme park in İstanbul. Offering different rides to children and to the whole family, having numerous shops and restaurants, offering a magical experience in Jungle Park full of exotic animals and Safari, movies and concerts at İsfanbul Show Center will help you plan a fun day with your family during your treatment.

KidzMondo is an indoor theme park, designed for kids between the ages of 4 to 14. It features self – contained city built for and run by kids. KidzMondo has its own economy – its currency, public services and over 40 different professions such as Astronomy, Dans&Music Club, Crime Scene Investigation, Supermarket, Police Station, Hotel, Beauty Salon, Race Track and many more in the park. KidzMondo is a safe theme park where kids enjoy while performing the role they are playing and are led by a highly qualified educator team.

Miniatürk, bringing together the rich architectural heritage of the civilizations that had ruled and left their marks on this ancient land from ancient ages to Rome, Byzantine, Seljuk Empire and Ottoman Empire. Miniaturk has become a showcase of Turkey with the Slogan of “A small Model of a Big Country”. 135 models in total, 62 from Istanbul, 60 from Anatolia and 13 from Ottoman territory outside of Turkey, that were selected among thousands of architectural works based on their repute. Miniaturk is not limited to Turkey and Turkish culture. It carries the life experiences of the nearby geography, including the values that give Anatolia its character. Reaching to the Golden Horn three thousand years ago, the traces left by the civilizations ruled by peace, tolerance and justice are brought together in this park.

On one side, the caravanserais, social complexes, madrasas, bridges, stations, piers, castles, city walls, tombs, mosques, churches, synagogues, palaces, mansions, obelisks, monuments and sculptures, on the other side, unique natural formations from fairy chimneys to Pamukkale which were selected by the meticulous work of an expert team.