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What Is The Cost For IVF Treatment In Istanbul, Turkey?

IVF is a treatment for genetic problems or infertility. The IVF price may include; hormone tests (for
the woman) and ultrasound after the beginning of the treatment. Egg collection under general
anesthesia. Private rooms for both egg collection and transfer procedures. Laboratory procedure,
embryo transfer, embryo scope. Psychological support if needed.
There may be some additional tests/scans required by the doctor. Operations that the doctor deems
necessary before, during or after the treatment. Medication needed before, during or after the
IVF is one of the most personal treatment and there are lots of types and techniques. Everybody is
different. To be able to tell the exact cost of the IVF treatment, you need to see a professional. In
order to find the best and most suitable hospital or clinic for your needs, you may want to consult
with the right medical consultants. This is where MedAssist comes into the picture.